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Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Reveals Future President (Video)

Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Reveals Future President (Video) Promo Image

A woman who claimed to be a time traveler said that she knows who the future president of the United States will be (video below).

According to The Inquisitr, a woman named Mona claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2100. In an interview with Apex TV, she discussed what she has experienced as a time traveler.

Mona claimed to have been hired as a time traveler by the United States government. She said that she was sent as far back as the 1950s, and also went to the 1980s and early 2000s. She did not explain why she was sent back in time, but said that the details of her job were very boring.

The woman said that she did not receive a paycheck for her work, but was part of an underground society in which she had access to many "free things." She said that the members of the community took care of each other and money was unnecessary.

Mona revealed that a number of her friends who were also time travelers ended up taking their own lives because the stress of the job became too great to handle.

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During the interview, Mona revealed a number of other things about the future. She claimed that flying cars do exist in the future and that they are used in Europe, but that Americans still use the "on the ground type cars" that we use today.

Mona also claimed that in the year 2100, all highways have solar panels running alongside the road, which charge electric cars and reduce car crashes, though she did not explain exactly how that might work.

The self-proclaimed time traveler said that the United States was affected by global warming after sea levels rose significantly. She said that the government was working to reverse the damage done to the ozone layer.

Mona said that the president in 2100 is a 65-year-old man, whom she described as being "very kind." She said that he isn't as good as some other presidents, but that he did help resolve a crisis in Asia.

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The woman abruptly ended the interview, claiming that she cannot say anything else, but that she is safe where she is.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the video on Apex TV's YouTube channel. Many were skeptical of the woman's claims.

"Sounds like she is reading a script," one viewer commented. "If she is a time traveler why isn't her face shown. If her face would be shown we would identify her as a person not born yet but in the future."

She is making predictions (That's right...  At 4:28 She said, "My next prediction...") of her past???" another user wrote. "I'll bet she is 100% accurate, or a foolish fraud...  What do you think?"

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