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Wisconsin's Castle Doctrine Gun Bill Signed into Law

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FAIRFAX, VA -- Governor Scott Walker has signed Wisconsin Castle Doctrine legislation into law. This common-sense measure strengthens the right of law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their homes, businesses or motor vehicles. It also strengthens protection from civil lawsuits by an attacker or attacker's family when justifiable defensive force is used.

"Gov. Walker and Wisconsin lawmakers know that law-abiding citizens must have the right to protect themselves when criminals attack, without fear of being second-guessed by an over-zealous prosecutor," said Chris W. Cox, executive director for NRA's Institute for Legislative Action. "Crime victims don't have the luxury of time when confronted by a criminal – they need to know that the law is on their side.  The Castle Doctrine statute accomplishes that by clarifying that crime victims may defend themselves without first being required to retreat."

The NRA has led the nationwide movement to pass Castle Doctrine legislation beginning with Florida in 2005. Wisconsin is the 30th state to adopt this important measure with overwhelming bipartisan support.

"On behalf of NRA members and all gun owners in Wisconsin, I would like to thank Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder and Governor Walker for their leadership in making the Castle Doctrine law a reality," concluded Cox. "This victim's rights measure places the law on the side of gun owners who unfortunately become victims of crime - exactly where it should be."


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