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Wisconsin Voters Get Robocalls Telling Them Not to Vote

Voters across Wisconsin are relaying stories via Twitter, Facebook and online message boards about anonymous 'robocalls' from allies of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, telling them, incorrectly, that if they signed petitions to recall Governor Walker, their vote in today’s crucial election has already been recorded and they need not vote.

Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee and the Democratic nominee to unseat Governor Scott Walker, told MSNBC host Ed Schultz, last night, that his campaign began receiving complaints yesterday that voters had been contacted with the misinformation.

This morning, reported on the robocalls too.

So far no recording of the call has surfaced, but the reports from voters was enough to prompt the Barrett campaign to make calls of its own, warning voters not to listen to the first call. For its part, the Walker campaign denied any involvement in or knowledge of the robocall or who was behind it.


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