Teacher Uses Immigration Topic To Explain Political Cartoons, Student's Father Enraged (Photo)

One father wasn’t happy after his eighth grade son brought home a seemingly biased homework assignment on immigration policy in the U.S.

The homework sheet was assigned by eighth grade Social Studies teacher Grace Davis at Shattuck Middle School in Wisconsin. It featured a political cartoon originally run by the Chattanooga Times Free Press that included two men: a Democrat laying the “pathway” to citizenship and a Republican removing the bricks.

The assignment required that each student answer a series of questions about the cartoon. One question asked what each man was doing and another asked how their actions might relate to immigration or citizenship.

When one student returned home to his father, Scott Radies, the man was outraged.

“I flipped it over to see if the opposite view was maybe on the other side of the homework assignment,” Radies said, “but there’s nothing.”

When Radies confronted Davis about sharing only one side of the political argument, Davis replied that the semester wasn’t over yet.

Jim Strick, the Communications Director for the Neenah Joint School Ditrict, insisted that the assignment was not intended to shape the students’ views.

“It was basically the simplest cartoon that [Davis] could find for an eigth-grade level as far as understanding the concept of a politcal cartoon,” Strick explained.

The controversy over this assignment follows a worksheet from another Wisconsin school that claimed Republicans don’t want to help the poor.

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Sources: LJ Review, Mad World / Photo Credit: LJ Review, WikiCommons


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