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Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman Claims Planned Parenthood Promotes Sex Selective Abortions to Asians

Wisconsin Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman appeared on the 'Voice of Christian Youth America' program yesterday and claimed that Planned Parenthood is “the most racist organization” and "likes" doing sex-selective abortions, which it supposedly promotes to Asian-Americans (video below), reports

Grothman did not provide any proof for his claims. In fact, Planned Parenthood has condemned sex-selective abortions.

Grothman said: "Given the racist background of Planned Parenthood and not liking people who are not white, I wonder if one of the reasons why Planned Parenthood likes to do these sex-selective abortions is disproportionately they are done on people of an Asian background. Let’s face it, we all know Planned Parenthood’s background, very racist, probably the most racist organization."

"...We know the historic comments of Margaret Sanger. It’s something that concerns me a little because I wonder given their racism the degree to which Planned Parenthood is aggressively promoting this stuff among people with an Asian background and I sure hope the state legislature takes a role and puts an end to it, at least in the state of Wisconsin."


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