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Wisconsin Republican Wants to Take Away Workers’ Weekends

Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) wants to change the state law so that employees could work seven days without a day off.

According to The Huffington Post, Sen. State Grothman sent an email to other state lawmakers about his proposed bill that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven.”

Sen. State Grothman claims there are workers who want to work seven days straight and that his proposed law is about "freedom."

“Right now in Wisconsin, you’re not supposed to work seven days in a row, which is a little ridiculous because all sorts of people want to work seven days a week,” Sen. State Grothman told The Huffington Post.

Sen. State Grothman did not mention that employers could pressure their employees to work seven days a week.

“It’s a very hard thing to know whether something is truly voluntary or not,” said Vice President of the Economic Policy Institute Ross Eisenbrey. “If the employer puts pressure on people and lets them know they will be unhappy if workers exercise their right to have a day off, that might be enough so that no worker ever does anything but volunteer to work seven days a week.”

Employees already face numerous problems in the workplace from the employers, including wage and hour violations.

CNN reported in 2012: “More than 7,000 collective actions were filed in federal court in 2011 alleging wage and hour violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an approximately 400% increase since 2000.”

According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, more than 60 percent of low-wage earners have part of their paycheck illegally withheld by employers. These employees lost an average of $2,634 per year in unpaid wages, reports The Huffington Post.

Sources: CNN, The Huffington Post, Economic Policy Institute


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