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Wisconsin Governor's Response to Doctor with Thong-Modeling Past: "Get Rid of the MD asap"

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, is facing accusations that he ordered his chief of staff to fire a doctor because she had previously worked as a thong model.

On Wednesday, a Wisconsin state appeal court released 27,000 pages of documents from the 2010 incident, at which point Walker was serving as a Milwaukee county executive.

The papers have been obtained as part of a secret investigation into “possible illegal campaign activity.”

In April of 2010, Walker’s chief of staff, Thomas Nardelli, sent Walker an email notifying him that a medical doctor at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division had previously modeled “thongs.”

Nardelli noted that the doctor was competent, but “wasn’t forthright in sharing that with staff prior to her hire.”

Even the Medical Director, Nardelli wrote, was “dismayed that she has a varied lifestyle outside of her medical profession.”

Furthermore, Nardelli feared that she might be “Googled by staff,” which would quickly reveal her “other life.”

He continued on to describe that the modeling work “isn’t pornographic, but is quite suggestive,” and informed Walker that officials were deciding how to “release her without much fanfare.”

The message Walker sent back to Nardelli from his Blackberry was quick and unforgiving: “Get rid of the MD asap.”

Because the model’s name was not revealed, it remains unclear whether she was ultimately fired.

Since their release on Wednesday, the papers have circulated quickly and elicited strong responses from many liberals. Brad Woodhouse, the president of the liberal opposition research group American Bridge, for example, referred to the revelation as further evidence of a “War on Women.”

Wednesday’s papers indicate that Walker was aware that his top aides were doing political work on taxpayer time. Walker’s aides went so far as to set up secret wireless routers in his executive office, which enabled them avoid detection while sending emails from their personal accounts.

Democrats have been comparing Walker’s situation to the recent scandal concerning New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie’s recent scandal, in which his aides used “their official positions for political purposes.”


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