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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Compares Presidency To Being Eagle Scout (Video)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) recently compared being an Eagle Scout to serving as President of the United States.

Gov. Walker, a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2016, made the comments during a Chamber of Commerce event in Phoenix, Arizona, noted The Cap Times.

While the lunch was closed to the press, the activist group American Bridge 21st Century filmed Gov. Walker's comments during a question and answer session with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt at March 25 event (video below).

Hewitt asked Gov. Walker:

Does the prospect of being commander in chief daunt you? Because the world that you describe when you're talking about safety is going to require a commitment to American men and women abroad, obviously at some point. How do you think about that?

Walker recalled being an Eagle Scout in his youth and added:

America is an exceptional country. And I think, unfortunately, sometimes there are many in Washington who think those of us who believe we are exceptional means we are superior, that we're better than others in the world.

And to me, much like my thought process of being an Eagle Scout is, 'No, being an exceptional country means we have a higher responsibility ... not just to care for ourselves and our own interests, but to lead in the world, to ensure that all freedom-loving people have the capacity, who yearn for that freedom, to have that freedom.

When it comes to military action, Gov. Walker said, "When appropriate, we engage, and if we engage, we engage with a plan and a charge that ultimately leads to victory."

The audience applauded.

Sources: The Cap Times, American Bridge 21st Century
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