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Wisconsin Bill Would Allow Guns On School Campuses, In Classrooms


Under a newly proposed Republican bill in Wisconsin, those with concealed carry weapons permits could be allowed to carry guns on school grounds and in school buildings. 

According to Republican State Senate President Mary Lazich, the law is intended to ensure that permit holders aren’t inadvertently committing crimes when they take their children to school.

“I don't want to see that happen to well-intentioned law-abiding people,” Lazich said. 

Lazich introduced the bill along with Republican State Rep. Robert Brooks.

“When they drop off their kids, pick up their kids, I don't think they realize they're breaking the law,” Brooks said. 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett blasted the proposal, arguing that it would make Wisconsin more dangerous. Barrett called the bill “insane.”

“Isn't there anybody in the majority party that wants to get serious about gun violence?" he asked.

Many school districts and school officials throughout the state expressed opposition to the measure, with the state’s Department of Public Instruction spokesman John Johnson saying that the department is “opposed to any legislation that puts police officers and kids and parents and educators in a tough situation that they don't want.”

“From everything we see and hear across the nation, (schools) look to their first responders for their safety and security,” he said. 

“To have other people armed in a school who may or may not be a good actor jeopardizes that rigorously thought out plan and the lives of innocent bystanders, police officers and kids -- and maybe someone with a concealed carry permit."

Sources: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Associated Press via The Washington Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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