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Winston-Salem Bans Guns in City Parks

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The Winston-Salem City Council is the latest local government to take action on the issue of concealed carry in the parks it controls.  On Monday, November 21, the council voted 7 to 1 to prohibit firearms in 52 of the 69 parks under the city’s control.  Permit holders will still be allowed to store their personal protection firearms in their vehicles while parked in the parking lots of the restricted areas. 

As mentioned in an earlier alert, there is nothing in the new law as passed in House Bill 650 that requires local governments to impose these restrictions, so the vote to impose the prohibition should be considered an anti-gun vote.  The lone vote against this ordinance, cast by councilman James Taylor Jr., should also be considered anti-gun.  As reported by the Winston-Salem Journal, Councilman Taylor stated frankly, "I don't support guns in public parks."

Please take a moment to contact members of the Winston-Salem City Council and express your objection to their vote against the rights of law-abiding concealed carry permit holders.  Remind them that criminals will continue to disregard such restrictions, and all the council has done is assure that safe and responsible North Carolinians will not be able to lawfully provide for their personal protection against the violent predators who care nothing about prohibitions on where they can carry their illegal firearms. 

Winston-Salem City Council contact information can be found by clicking here

To view a copy of the ordinance, please click here.  The ordinance can be found by scrolling down to the section identified as G-5, near the bottom of the page.


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