Wild Brawl Breaks Out in Venezuela’s National Assembly (Video)

In Venezuela’s National Assembly on Tuesday, a wild fight erupted between lawmakers (video below).

The government claimed the fight was started by opposition lawmakers shouting “fascist” and unfolding a banner, which said: “parliamentary coup.”

There has been tension between government and opposition members ever since it was announced that President Nicolas Maduro would be the successor to Hugo Chavez on April 14, reports Mediaite.com.

The opposition claimed that seven of its parliamentarians were attacked while they protested a proposed measure that would prevent them from speaking in the National Assembly because they refuse to recognize Maduro as president.

"We knew the opposition came to provoke violence," President Maduro stated. "This must not be repeated."

Maduro, Chavez's chosen successor, defeated opposition candidate Henrique Capriles by only 1.5 percentage points. Capriles has refused to recognize the victory and has claimed that the vote was "stolen," reports The Guardian.

Sources: Mediaite.com and The Guardian


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