WikiLeaks Leaker Pvt. Bradley Manning Tortured?


The attorney for the Army private accused of leaking State Department documents to WikiLeaks claims his client has been tortured while being held in a military prison. And one Congressman says the military is thwarting his efforts to see him.

Private Bradley Manning has been held in the maximum security wing of the Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Virginia since last July. He is confined to his cell 23 hours each day because authorities say his possible escape could pose a risk to national security.

His lawyer David Coombs revealed last week that for at least two nights in row, the Army private had been “stripped naked” for as long as seven hours at a time. In the mornings, he was left without clothes and forced to stand at attention, Coombs claims.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich said as a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he would investigate the claims. But appearing on a radio show on KPFK in Los Angeles last week, Kucinich said he is getting the run-around.

“I put in a request to the secretary of defense, who referred me to the secretary of the army, who referred me to the secretary of the navy, who referred me to the secretary of defense, and still not an answer on whether or not I can visit Private Manning,” he said.

Kucinich, though, said he's not giving up.

“No one held prisoner anywhere in America should be tortured,” Kucinich said. “And the fact that he’s awaiting trial and they’re doing this to him raises serious questions about our criminal justice process. And I’m going to continue my efforts to address the plight of Private Manning and to try to stop this outrageous treatment of him.”


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