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Wife Jennifer Johnson Victorious Over Husband David In Maine Election

A Maine woman was victorious over her husband in an election that had more than just bragging rights on the line.

Democrat Jennifer Johnson of Waterville, Maine won the Ward 1 warden position over Republican David Johnson on Tuesday night by a 127-76 margin, the Morning Sentinel reports.

The warden supervises areas and activities at polling stations on Election Day. The couple says they ran against each other to show the importance of public service and to show that Democrats and Republicans can get along.

“The empty lines on ballots make me sad,” Jennifer told the Portland Press Herald in August. “If nothing else, we really don’t care who wins, but if we can get young people involved in politics, especially on the local level, that would be tremendous.”

The husband and wife were nominated by their respective party caucuses in August. Jennifer accepted because no one else would, while David accepted to call attention to the fact that so few people were inclined to run for city positions.

While they have both worked behind the scenes in local political campaigns but told the Press Herald they choose not to discuss their political views unless asked.

“We really don’t talk about politics very much” Jennifer said. “There are some things we absolutely agree on. We don’t want to fight about it. Going back and forth and banging heads isn’t going to change either one of our minds.”

The couple does differ in opinion when it comes to fiscal issues. David is a fiscal conservative while Jennifer is more lenient. She believes more money should be spent on education, while he thinks there are ways to keep education funding costs down.

David, 32, is a lead solution architect for Oxford Networks and Jennifer, 36, is a stay at home mother who volunteers at their children’s school.

The couple has three children and has been married for 10 years.

Source: Morning Sentinel, Portland Press Herald


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