Why RNC Should Force Trump To Release Tax Returns


With the Republican National Convention approaching, members of the Republican Party need to require the release of tax returns belonging to Donald Trump.

One could expect this mandate from liberal opponents searching for any opportunity to call Trump a lying, cheating and money-driven con-artist. However, the mandate should come from members of the Republican Party.  

Republican delegates deserve to know the truth about the individual they select as a representative in the upcoming presidential election.

In an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show in February, Trump said he would have “no objection” to releasing tax returns if he became president, Mediaite reports.

Trump did not clarify how many years of tax returns he would be willing to release, and he also said he would show the tax returns “if it was necessary.”

The time has come for the Republican Party to say, “It is necessary," because Trump’s charitable donations are in question.  

Though the Republican candidate claims to have donated millions of dollars of his own money to various charitable organizations, his statements need official tax returns to receive factual backing.

The Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation’s tax return does not show any donations made by Trump himself since 2008, according to The Washington Post. Eight years later, the American people are wondering if his boasted charitable spirit is a thing of the past.

After being questioned multiple times about his tax returns, the American people have reason to believe Trump's returns may expose something undesirable. Americans are right to wonder why Trump, a man known for making and handling money, would not reveal his tax returns outright.

Trump is a high profile candidate. Any scandal revealed before the presidential election in November would prove detrimental to his campaign. If the scandal revolves around money, Trump and his supporters can kiss any shot at a victory goodbye.

The RNC and its supporters deserve to evaluate this critical piece of potentially influential evidence before anyone else has the opportunity to do so. 

The recent exposure of Hillary Clinton’s private emails prove presidential candidate’s personal documents are not off limits. If an opponent of Trump and the Republican Party finds any evidence to bring about his downfall, the information will be exposed.

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals less than 40 percent of Republican voters believe the Republican Party will unite behind Trump in support. More than half of those voters believe disagreements within the Republican Party will keep Trump from gaining support nationwide.

Without question, some Republicans are skeptical about their potential nominee, despite Trump's overwhelming lead in the polls during the Republican primaries. If any incriminating evidence is found in the release of Trump’s tax returns, delegates begrudgingly giving support to Trump because of Electoral College votes would have reason to place their support elsewhere without guilt.

By mandating the release of Trump’s tax returns before the looming Republican National Convention, Republican delegates have the opportunity to eliminate future concerns regarding their release, for better or for worse.

Sources: Pew, The Washington Post, Mediaite / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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