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Why does the right-wing think of peaceful protests in Madison, as being "mob" events?

I don't necessary agree with everything that the Tea Party rallies, on the right, were about. I obviously don't agree with those who believe President Obama is a secret, or even open, Muslim who was born in Kenya. I don't agree with those who think that he is Hitler, and this seems to include the mega- conservative host, Glenn Beck. I don't agree with them taking the legacy of the founder of the American progressive/ humanist movement, Thomas Paine, and making him as a figure who was to the right of Joe McCarthy. I celebrate the rights of Americans to protest and exercise their Constitutional rights, even if the content of their speech or protest, I find abhorrent.

For example, Fred "God hates" Phelps. He is of course the man who believes that gays are so hated by this deity, that this god is killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. I guess if we stoned gays, as a society, than his god will magically protect soldiers from bullets and bombs. I know, it's hard to make any sense of Phelps. Now, while Phelps is a horrible man, he has a right to say what he does. I stand by his right to say what he does and I would defend his right to do so. I wonder though, do many conservatives support the right of progressives when they protest?

When those, mostly on the left, protested against a G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA, a few years ago, there was hardly any voices of support on the right for their rights being violated by the police. Now, Individuals, mainly those on the left, are protesting against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's legislation that would strip virtually all collective bargaining, and what is the response? Well, that these are "mob" actions. " "A mutiny in Milwaukee and mob scenes in Madison", states Martha McCallum, of, no surprise, Fox News. "Fair and balanced", indeed. Another website had the headline of "Leftwing thugs shout down Fox Interview at Wisconsin Capital." See, not only are those protesting a "mob", but they are also "thugs". This isn't the first time I heard or read that word used, by the way, to the protests in Madison.

If this proposed legislation was just about reigning in costs in government, why are police and firefighters exempted? Simple, Walker and Wisconsin Republicans believe they can get some of their member votes come election time and second, those unions don't offer the Democratic party and their candidates the support (financial and volunteer time) that the teachers and these other state employee unions do. That is the sole purpose of annual recertification. To destroy one of the major supports of the Democrats/ progressives in the elections. But, I saw a picture in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper that showed firefighters fighting to support the right of their fellow state employees. Gov. Walker might have thought he bought their support, I guess he didn't.


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