Why does the far right think that planning for one's death is evil and wicked?

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  There is much opposition by the right-wing to whatever President Obama does. That's ok, dissent makes us stronger as a nation. But, much of this opposition is just getting plain silly.   Do you know about End of life counseling? It is planning in advance basically, how you will die. With dignity or if you choose, great pain? I choose the former by the way. Private insurance companies regularly pay for end of life counseling. They have done so for years. Not one person, nor should they, have said that private insurance companies doing the exact same thing as Medicare and the federal government is going to implement, is "death panels", as the far right states that President Obama wants to create with end of life counseling. 

End of life planning means planning for the day that modern medicine and science can't cure whatever disease you might have. It means planning a living will or a power of attorney for someone to make a decision when you don't have the mental abilities to do so anymore.  You might be in a vegative state and obviously can't make any decisions on your condition. Best of course, to plan for those decisions.  My mother herself planned in advance what would happen under certain circumstances. I have an organ donor sticker on my I.D., (which I recommend everyone doing) so I already planned for at least my immediate post-death. But than again, maybe advocating people become organ donors is according to the far right, also death panels!


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