Why Do IRS Agents Need AR-15 Assault Rifles?

The Internal Revenue Service has reportedly been buying up a vast collection of AR-15 assault rifles for agents and training them in the proper use of those weapons.

According to The Inquisitr, U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan, a Republican from South Carolina, questioned in May why the federal agency needs to arm its agents with assault rifles. Duncan asked about the AR-15 situation after he traveled to a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Maryland and witnessed IRS agents using AR-15s at an indoor firing range.

“The IRS has not been cooperative," Duncan said. "My committee doesn’t have direct oversight over the IRS so I’ve been trying to build support for an investigation. The IRS has not shown me any information on why they need to train with AR-15′s.”

BenSwann.com reports the IRS is not the only federal agency stocking up tactical weapons and training for paramilitary raids.

Agencies like the Department of Education, the Social Security Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency continue to purchase large amounts of tactical weapons and ammunition to build up their law enforcement divisions.

Steve Hoffman, the Southeast Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus, gave BenSwann.com his thoughts on IRS agents training with the assault rifles.

“This just as bad as the Department of Education actually having agents who are on armed and trained with AR-15s," Hoffman said. "Both are symptoms of a federal government that is out of control and whose powers have grown well beyond those outlined in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.”

When Duncan was asked if the Department of Education should have a law enforcement division or SWAT team to investigate Americans regarding their student loans he said, “Absolutely not, that’s the whole concern with the IRS. Do they need a SWAT team to make sure you’ve paid your taxes?”

IRS officials are continuing to refuse comment on the AR-15 situation and their training program for employees who carry those weapons.

Sources: The Inquisitr, BenSwann.com


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