Why Christians Must Vote

By David E. Smith, IFI Executive Director

Two weeks from today, our state and nation will be voting on important government positions that will dramatically effect the direction of our nation.

Obviously, this year's mid-term elections are extremely important. Voters will be asked to decide if they want to continue with a big spending, freedom-eroding agenda, or do they want a government that stops the out-of-control spending and promotes our shared values. We cannot take our God-given civic responsibility and blessing of self-government lightly.

As citizens, we have been given the awesome privilege and responsibility to select those who make our laws and govern our nation. I believe the Lord will hold us accountable for how we steward the gift of republican democracy. Illinois has several competitive races this year. Your vote can make a difference. The Church has a wonderful opportunity to be salt and light for a state and nation in rapid decay.

To help encourage the body of Christ, we have created a bulletin insert. Ask your pastor and/or church elders for permission to place these inserts in the bulletin or a strategic spot in your church to help us get this information to the good folks in your church.


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