Why be against animal testing

Alright, if one of you readers dont know what animal testing is, then you better listen up, because your about to hear something shocking. ANIMAL TESTING IS...murder. Cold blooded murder. People who do the animal tests torture, kill, beat, starve, poison, gas, and cut the bellies of animals open while still alive. Imagine your pet undergoing these brutal and savage things. Take a look at the picture of the animal on top. That is only one thing that the people in the labs do. And, yes, thats how they killed this dog, and, yes, they did mutalize it and cut its head open. you see what I'm trying to say? Animal testing MUST STOP. I'm sorry that this is so short, but if you want to find out more, go to google and type in "Against animal testing". There are A LOT of websites that speak out for animal rights.   


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