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If you really believe that cocking bull opinion you published I can only assume you are not a mother yourself. I admire Ms. Michaels for her goals relating to fitness and I am sure she probably has helped other people, however, her announcement of "Can't do that to my body" just opened her up to a flood of opinions.I never said a woman is defined by her ability to have a child or love a child adopted or otherwise. Obviously, you are missing the point. If Ms. Michaels is such a great fitness guru, why is this even an issue. If she got pregnant, she should be able to whip herself back in shape in a matter of a few short weeks. Many fitness advocates have had children and look just as good as before, my God, look at the celebrities that choose children and then slim right back down to continue their success. GIVE ME A BREAK! There is more going on here than just the ability to have a child. She is just one of those people who chooses the easy and selfish way to achieve her goal of having a child. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE IS SELF OBSESSION AND GREED TO KEEP THE STATUS QUO AND RAKE IN THE "DOUGH".!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE THIS FINE MORNING!

And by the way, I am the one 2 say!


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