Who Would Have Thought... Seahawks Upset Saints?

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A few days ago, sports analysts, fans and generally the entire football public was keen on bashing the Seattle Seahawks’ chances against the reigning Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints, in the first round of the playoffs. Mind you, they didn’t bash the team, but they surely did its chances of advancing past this rather formidable first round hurdle. After the Saturday upset, an interesting yet all too usual phenomenon unfolded: the fans of a team which hasn’t done a whole lot lately to retain their interest began flocking back under the Seahawks banner. The interesting thing about Saturday’s match-up was the fact that all those who didn’t think much of the Seahawks before it, didn’t do so on account of the lack of talent but rather because of an apparent inability on the part of the team to execute in crucial situations. The Seahawks were given enough credit for the dramatic way they had snuck into the playoffs, and that deed apparently built a momentum that carried over to the first round.

Matt Hasselback was obviously the engine behind the thrust. The former Super Bowl quarterback apparently still has plenty of gas left in the tank. His days of trying to thread passes through impossible spots behind him, he put in a 22 of 35 effort, throwing for 272 yards. The low point of his game came when he threw a nasty interception, after a Saints defender tipped up the ball and it got caught. Other than that uninspired move however, he proved to be extremely reliable as he helped his team score an impressive 41 points. Marshawn Lynch’s 67 yard run near the end of the game wasn’t too shabby either, although that’s probably a massive understatement considering the fact that he shook off no fewer than 8 tackles to pull it off.

The Saints’ Drew Brees was a factor in the game too, and although he spearheaded a losing effort, he still threw for 404 yards. Reggie Bush and Julius Jones’ injuries were the final nails in an already injury-ridden coffin for the Saints. Next Sunday, the Seahawks will be put to the test again, against the Chicago Bears.  

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