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White Supremacist Shaun Winkler Burns Cross, Runs for Sheriff in Idaho

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Shaun Winkler, a Republican candidate for sheriff in Kootenai County, Idaho, hosted a cross-burning last Friday at his home. Winkler is also a member of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and a former staffer of the Aryan Nations.

Coeur d'Alene Press reports on the cross-burning:

The evening began like many a family picnic elsewhere in the country. Group members barbecued and enjoyed a congenial meal with one another. Afterward, Winkler called everyone's attention to speak for about a half-hour on the racial, political and social groups they opposed. Finally, once darkness fell, the evening concluded by setting a wooden cross afire.

The Seattle Weekly reports that Winkler's platform is "anti-negro and anti-jew":

On Monday, he participated in a candidates forum at the Blanchard Community Center. He continued to insist his Ku Klux Klan ties would not impact his performance as sheriff or make him susceptible to racial profiling. Instead, he would focus on tough stances regarding drugs and alcohol.

"Most people don't know that we don't just oppose the Jews and the negroes," he said. "We also oppose sexual predators and drugs of any kind."

Winkler added that if he had his way, perpetrators of sexual crimes would be hung immediately.


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