White Supremacist Explains Why Donald Trump Appeals To Whites (Video)


The American National Super PAC is made up of white supremacist groups across the U.S. whose leaders are making robocalls to voters in New Hampshire urging them to vote for Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in the upcoming GOP primary (video below).

Jared Taylor, founder of the white supremacist magazine, American Renaissance, says on one robocall, “We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, well-educated white people.”

However, Taylor insisted to CNN that he is not a white supremacist, and calls himself a "white advocate."

“Most white people would prefer to live in majority white neighborhoods and send their children to majority white schools,” Taylor told CNN on Feb. 5.

"Deep in their bones they are deeply disturbed by an immigration policy that is making the United States majority non-white," Taylor added. "And so when Donald Trump talks about sending out all the illegals, building a wall and a moratorium on Islamic immigration, that’s very appealing to a lot of ordinary white people."

Taylor wants whites living with whites, blacks living with blacks and no more Muslims in the U.S.

“Why would we want more Muslims?" Taylor questioned. "Muslims have been a terrible problem for Europe, and here they want to pray five times a day, stop the assembly line. They want foot baths before they go to prayer, they want women-only swimming pool hours and some of them want to kill us. Why should anyone want more Muslims in the United States?”

The Trump campaign told CNN that the billionaire has "disavowed all super PACS offering their support and continues to do so."

American National's robocalls also rang up Iowa voters during the caucus. One of the calls was reportedly voiced by William Daniel Johnson, a lawyer in Los Angeles, who described himself on the call as a “farmer and white nationalist.”

“I think Trump’s candidacy is helping move us in that direction,” Johnson recently told Talking Points Memo. “Whether he is elected or not, his candidacy is a big factor in helping destroy this middle-of-the-road Republican mindset.”

“We agree with a lot of the things he says," Johnson added. "Not everything he says, and we’re not Republicans, but we agree with him primarily because of his anti-immigration stances.”

Sources: Mediaite.comTalking Points Memo / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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