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White Neanderthals Need Not Apply

I intended this article to be my take on the topic du jour, namely the debate over the federal government's wish to do away with the intrusive 'long-form census' in favour of a voluntary 'short-form' version.

(Great take on it by Ezra Levant here.)

In fact, I had engaged in several discussion threads on the subject.  Those in support of the old forms filled with specific questions about race, religion, income, parenting skills, etc. argue that this information is needed by the feds in order to 'provide the proper level of services where required'. 

While pointing out the naivety of that statement is always tempting - electable issues and special interests dictate policy, not census statistics - my standard counter to this is the suggestion that perhaps we don't really want or need all of those government-run programs.

At that point the debate usually falls off the rails with calls of 'racist', 'neanderthal', 'dinosaur', 'redneck' and other various examples of leftwing intellectual superiority directed at me. 

As a result, my focus changed from the mundane 'socialist, big government versus small government' battle to trying to understand why many Canadians feel that handing over control of their lives, revealing their most personal information, to a group of elected morons is 'progress'.



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