White House to Release Death Photo of Osama Bin Laden


The White House will indeed release at least one photo of Osama Bin Laden's corpse, according to media outlet The Drudge Report. There has been much speculation about whether the Obama Administration would publicize any of the so-called death photos because they are rumored to reveal graphic wounds to the terrorist's head. Drudge quotes a senior official as saying President Obama decided Tuesday morning that he would release an image.

Another senior U.S. official has told CNN there are three sets of photos that were taken the night of the operation. While one batch depicts the actual raid on the compound, one features shots of Bin Laden at a hangar -- after the raid was conducted. The last set of photos are reportedly of the burial at sea. 

According to CNN: The photo that most clearly shows Osama Bin Laden -- and proves it is him -- is unfortunately the most graphic.

As of 4:27 p.m. PDT a time or date for the release has yet to be announced.

The Drudge Report speculates that the photo will become the most-viewed photograph in modern history.

Story developing...


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