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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Taunts Reporter Over Obamacare (Video)

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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had a heated discussion with ABC News’ Jon Karl Monday after Carney was questioned about Obamacare.

Karl asked Carney about internal documents that showed Obamacare applications submitted by phone or paper are processed at the same rate as online applications, despite what officials have previously stated.

Karl insisted that the phone and paper applications were meant to take only 25 minutes, with less processing time than online applications.

Carney argued that the administration never denied that the applications, whether submitted by phone or paper, wouldn’t go through

“You said there were four different ways,” Karl said, jabbing his finger towards Carney. “It all has to go through, as you just said,”

Carney denied the accusation.

“Jon, I get it!” Carney said finally, pointing his finger in mimic. “But the person who calls isn’t the one who continues to wait after the paper application is filled."

Sources: The Huffington Post, ABC News


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