White House Pens Letter To Senator Bob Corker Over Iran Bill

The White House has issued a stern letter to Republican Senator Bob Corker over a bill he drafted, warning that it would have a “profoundly negative impact” on talks between Iran and the United States.

In the letter, White House Press Secretary Denis McDonough warned Corker that his bill could ruin negotiations between Iran and the United States over their nuclear program.

“The legislation would potentially prevent any deal from succeeding by suggesting that Congress must vote to ‘approve’ any deal, and by removing any existing sanctions waver authorities that have already been granted to the President,” McDonough wrote in the letter. “We believe that the legislation would likely have a profoundly negative impact on the ongoing negotiations — emboldening Iranian hard-liners, inviting a counter-productive response from the Iranian majiles; differentiating the U.S. position from our allies in negotiations; and once again calling into question our ability to negotiate this deal.”

“Put simply," McDonough added, "it would potentially make it impossible to secure international cooperation for additional sanctions, while putting at risk the existing multilateral sanctions regime.”

The bill itself would reportedly require Congress to vote on a deal with Iran and would also “remove the waiver authority that allows President Barack Obama to suspend sanctions imposed by the legislature,” The Guardian reports.

“The Administration's request to the Congress is simple: let us complete the negotiations before the Congress acts on legislation,” McDonough wrote in the letter. “We understand that Congress will make its own determinations about how to respond, but we do not believe that the country's interests are served by congressional attempts to weigh in prematurely on this sensitive and consequential ongoing international negotiation aimed at achieving a goal that we all share: using diplomacy to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.”

The White House’s letter to Corker comes after 47 Republican senators penned an open letter to Iran to provide leaders with a “lesson” on the political process in America, with the intent to let them know that the next president could completely reverse any negotiations they make with President Obama. The open letter was blasted by Democrats and the White House, with many accusing the senators of “treason.”

Take a look at the firm White House letter in full here.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Guardian, CNN / Photo Sources: CNN, The Huffington Post


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