White House, Congress Displaying 'Remarkable Arrogance' This Week

This week, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) decided to have the last word regarding all things Obama by saying that the public has seen “remarkable arrogance” on behalf of the administration.

Boehner is referring to the handful of headlines that have clogged the Washington airwaves this week, including the IRS scandal, the Justice Department’s collection of AP journalists’ phone records, as well as the Benghazi hearings.

"Our system requires the bonds of trust between the American people and their government," Boehner told reporters. "And those bonds, once broken, are very hard to repair. Nothing dissolves the bonds between the people and their government like the arrogance of power here in Washington. And that's what the American people are seeing today from the administration. Remarkable arrogance.”

Over the last few weeks, the GOP has had nearly limitless opportunities to gain footing over the Democrats with all this bad press. Instead, most Republicans simply ran around like headless chickens squawking at every Fox reporter with a tape recorder, predicting the end of times and downfall of America.  

This week, the American public did experience broken bonds of sorts, but they weren’t just with the White House. They were with Congress as well, after CSPAN footage of ridiculous, pointless altercations in committee hearings churned up nothing but bad blood. Sure, Rep. Louie Gohmert’s rant about how Attorney General Eric Holder was “casting aspersions on [his] asparagus” was entertaining, but a far cry from the type of behavior Americans would like to see from their Congressmen and women.

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Politico


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