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White House Announces In-State Tuition Rates For Veterans, Families


The White House announced, in honor of Veterans Day, that all recent U.S. military veterans and their families would be offered in-state tuition rates to public colleges and universities.

The implementation of in-state tuition came as part of President Barack Obama’s “steadfast commitment” to military families, and aims to ensure veterans have access to higher education.

Along with the tuition policy came the launch of a revamped comparison tool to offer veteran-specific admission statistics. These statistics aim to help to curb deceptive enrollment tactics used by schools. 

“These pieces of legislation will really ensure that veterans have the opportunities and assistance to ... realize the American dream,” Obama policy adviser Cecilia Munoz told reporters. 

One bill announced by the White House would reportedly raise standards for schools receiving funds from the G.I. Bill, while another would increase regulation of for-profit colleges that target veterans.

“What we think this does is ramp up the accountability,” Munoz said of the schools targeted by the new legislation. It also ensures “we are requiring a high-quality education for veterans that have served us well.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, The White House / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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