White House Aide Dan Pfeiffer Apologizes For Accidental Racist Tweet

A senior communications adviser to President Barack Obama had a little communications problem of his own this morning, in a Twitter conversation with New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin.

A glance at any standard keyboard, including the keyboard on most smartphones, reveals that the letter “N” is directly to the right of the letter “B.” Pfeiffer was apparently attempting to type the word “bigger” when his finger did what everyone’s does from time to time when texting or tweeting from a phone. It hit the next key over.

And in the super-fast paced Twitterverse, there is little time to proofread. So Pfeiffer’s errant tweeting finger turned an otherwise innocuous post into a shockingly racist one.

Pfeiffer (pictured) immediately deleted the offending tweet and apologized. “Obviously a horrendous typo in my previous tweet. My apologies,” he wrote at 9:54 am this morning.

Martin had tweeted that he was glad to see an NBC News story acknowledging that the media plays a key role in creating political polarization. Pfeiffer replied that it was “a very smart point and massive factor in political polarization.”

Then he followed up with another tweet, intending to make the point that the right wing is affected by the media in a much “bigger” way. And that’s where the typo came in.

“Also a much nigger factor on the right,” read the tweet.

One can only imagine how mortified Pfeiffer, a top adviser to America’s first African-American president must have felt at that moment. Fortunately, Twitter has a delete option. Unfortunately for Pfeiffer, the internet doesn’t.

SOURCES: Politico, Hypervocal, Wikipedia

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