White House Advisor Mocks GOP Candidates For Pledging Allegiance To Crazy (Video)

White House senior advisor David Plouffe argued Sunday that Republican candidates hold nearly identical positions on policy as the tea party.

Plouffe agreed with ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd, who believes the mainstream GOP is awash in tea party ideals.

“There’s really not much difference anymore between tea party people and the establishment people. They’ve almost become one,” Dowd told "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" Sunday.

“Oh, Matt, tell that to the tea party,” responded GOP strategist Ana Navarro. “This has been two very different factions going at each other.”

Navarro said Democrats are going to have trouble defeating candidates who aren’t Todd Aiken, the former Missouri Republican representative who said that “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy because the body will “shut that whole thing down.”

Plouffe said those GOP candidates aren't as "electable" as Navarro thinks they are.

“I don’t get the celebration,” Plouffe countered. “So they’re not witches and defenders of rape? So maybe they don’t pledge allegiance to all the crazy. Let’s look at these candidates. Let’s look at 2016. Different electorate, battle ground states. All against immigration reform, all denying climate change, all against gay marriage, all against funding things, like education and transportation to help jobs. This is not people who are going to win the middle of the electorate or the emerging part of the electorate. I think Matt makes a very good point.”

Sources: Mediaite, wn.com


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