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Michelle Obama Unsmilingly Looks On At Trump (Photos/Video)

While her husband congratulated President Donald Trump on his inaugural speech, some think former first lady Michelle Obama had no qualms about showing her disapproval.

"For too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have bore the cost," said Trump in his speech, while the former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama looked on, reports the Mirror. "Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed."

After Trump finished, the outgoing president patted Trump on the back, saying "Good job," while an unsmiling Michelle looked on, eyebrows furrowed, reported the Mirror.

"Michelle cannot hide her contempt," claims TMZ -- a sentiment many agree with.

"Today Americans learned that Michelle Obama does not posses a poker face," tweeted one woman, AOL News reports.

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Some described their glee at the first lady's facial expression.

"Michelle Obama's face of such exasperation after Donald Trump's speech has completely made my day," chimed in another woman. "Actually year."

Others commented on her facial expression with disapproval.

"Anybody else notice the increasing intensity of pure, unmitigated hate radiating from Michelle Obama's face?" wrote another user on Facebook. "It started when the camera followed Trump past her right after his speech. She was quite literally shaking with rage, her face frozen in an angry contortion, and head shaking rapidly from side to side."

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A few reprimanded commenters for reading too much into Michelle Obama's body language.

"Stop it with those close ups of Michelle's face," said another on Twitter. "She is not feeling what you are feeling. Stop projecting."

Still, Michelle Obama warmly welcomed the new first lady, Melania Trump, the Daily Mail reports. The two exchanged hugs and kisses, while Melania gave Michelle a gift.

Earlier Melania Trump praised Michelle Obama.

“No. I didn’t feel it,” she responded when asked if it was awkward to meet Michelle Obama for the first time after her husband was elected, The Independent reports. “[Michelle] was a gracious host. We had a great time and we talk about raising children in the White House. She was very warm and very nice."

Sources: MirrorTMZ, AOL News, Daily Mail, The Independent /Photo credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube, Reuters via Mirror

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