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Where Do Atheists Come From?

I've been noticing a bit of a pattern of late, and i want to see how common this pattern is before I form a hypothesis. Simply put, Perfesser Gregory wants to know a little about your childhood if you are an atheist. You believers are welcome too, as a sort of contrast to the atheists.

 Tell Perfesser Gregory about yer Mom and yer Daddy, and just let those emotions flow.

See, I was reading about that poor, pitiful Hitchens fellow's childhood, and I was thinkin' "If I had that guy's childhood, I could be mad enough at religion to become an atheist commie too. After all, It's hard for a child to put the blame where it should rightfully go, when it's someone the child idolizes.

Anyway, tell me about your mommies and daddies, and that horrible trauma that was your childhood, and I'll have the start of a good hack psychology book to sell.

I figured since i had already disproved evolution with my reasoned philosophical arguments, that I might indulge my own personal curiosity about the traumas that created the atheists among us.


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