Trump Protesters Clash With Supporters In Berkeley


Violence broke out in Berkeley, California, on April 15 between President Donald Trump supporters and opponents.

There were at least 21 arrests made around Civic Center Park where the protest occurred, CNN reports. Also, 11 people were injured, seven of whom required treatment at a hospital. Their conditions are unknown, according to Berkeley Police spokesman Byron White.

"A large number of fights have occurred and numerous fireworks have been thrown in the crowds," Berkeley police said in a statement. "There have also been numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd."

According to KPIX, a "Patriot Day" rally was planned by Trump supporters, but opponents of the president showed up.

Police formed a line between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters with the plan to confiscate weapons. Some of the many items they seized included knives, poles, helmets, sticks and eggs. After about an hour, protesters jumped the police line and began fighting with the Trump supporters.

“Well, they want to hit me with brass knuckles from my blind side," Trump supporter John Beavers of Washington said, as his nose gushed blood.

"They hit me twice while I was down, it was sad," David Fry, also from Washington and pro-Trump, said.

The fighting soon left the park and took place on the street. People used their fists, threw M-80's, rocks and bottles at each other, and used pepper spray.

“I got pepper sprayed and hit by a bunch of sticks,” said anti-Trump protester Al Alegria of Sacramento, California.

One of the injured was stabbed.

A police officer required treatment after someone threw either pepper spray or tear gas into the crowd, White told CNN.

The Berkeley Police Department will be reviewing videos posted on social media to make more arrests, according to KPIX. Because officers were outnumbered, they had to watch the fighting from a distance.

Canadian activist Lauren Southern declared Trump supporters were victorious. "We won the battle of Berkeley!" she said, according to the Guardian. An older man said, "I claim Berkeley for the alt-right."

There were roughly 1,500 people at the dueling rallies.

Also on April 15, demonstrations calling for Trump to release his personal tax returns took place in more than 100 cities across the nation.  Many of the attendees at the march in Washington D.C. wore the pink hats that were first seen at the Women's March in January.

Sources: CNNKPIX, Guardian / Photo credit: Spencer Blake/Twitter

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