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Clinton Caught Reading News Of Pence's Private Emails (Photo)

A photo of Hillary Clinton reading a newspaper headline about Vice President Mike Pence using a private email account while serving as the governor of Indiana has gone viral.

Clinton was traveling on an airplane from Boston to New York on March 3 when a fellow passenger took the photo, according to Reuters.

The headline of the USA Today newspaper Clinton was looking at read: "Pence used personal email in office."

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During Clinton's campaign for president as the Democratic nominee, the FBI investigated her for using a private email server while she was secretary of state for the Barack Obama administration. The FBI concluded that criminal charges against Clinton for sharing confidential information on her personal server would not be pursued.

Both President Donald Trump and Pence brought up the email issue during the presidential campaign, stating Clinton broke the law and endangered national security. Their supporters took to chanting, "Lock her up!" at rallies.

Pence's use of a personal AOL email account while he was governor of Indiana to discuss sensitive matters and homeland security issues may be similar to what Clinton did, but TIME has broken down why the two differ.

As a governor, Pence was not privy to state secrets. One of his emails discussed a terror-related arrest the media was publicly covering; another talked about the gate locks on his residence. Clinton, on the other hand, had the nation's classified, secret information. Also,, Pence used a commercial service, but Clinton built her own email server at her home, which required much more effort to establish and maintain.

In Indiana, using private email is legal, and state law explicitly forbids government employees from conducting politics on state accounts, therefore Pence had no other option. Whereas in the State Department, employees are encouraged to use a email account that archives their correspondence, making it subject to review.

Then there is the matter of trust. Clinton, who has been in public service for four decades, is subject to criticism from the American people because of her history in politics. While Pence was an unexpected vice presidential choice, and is seen as a good man with a predictable approach to his strict conservativeness in politics and the law by even his political rivals.

In terms of size, Pence forwarded 30 pages of emails from his AOL account to state archivists, and it was discovered that he had used the personal account after he became vice president. Clinton handed over 55,000 pages to the State Department, and the reveal of her personal email server occurred during her presidential campaign, which led to her being accused of acting improperly while in office.

Clinton has not commented on the photo taken by 32-year-old Caitlin Quigley. The American Airlines passenger shared it with others on the plane and it quickly spread online.

"[I] sent it to like six people sitting around me who saw [she] had it," Quigley told the Huffington Post. Quigley took the photo because she wanted people to believe that Clinton was on the plane, but when she saw the newspaper's headline she "thought it was too good not to share."

Sources: Reuters, TIME via Fortune, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Brett Weinstein/Flickr, Caitlin Quigley via Reuters

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