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What are People Saying About: No Mexican-American Studies in Tucson?

As OV reported yesterday, the Tucson school district has voted to eliminate the Mexican-American Studies program, much to the chagrin of Mexican-Americans in the city. The move came after the state threatened to withhold $1 million per month from the district after a court ruled that the program was actually against the law.

The story sparked a reaction on OV's Facebook page. Here's a look at what people are saying about the decison. We asked if Tucson should be teaching ethnic studies...

Tucson school board member Miguel Cuevas: “I couldn’t justify seeing $15 million cut from all our students just so less than 1% can take the class. And there was no evidence that the classes had any curriculum.”

Billy Riddle of Arlington, Texas: Actually, they should teach English to those in Mexican schools to prepare them for the workforce and success in life. There is no success in Mexico, only failure and migration to the North. Mexico is nothing but a failed Narco-State. We need to border up, have all illegals report, and start over. You can't deport 10-20 million illegals.

Alexandra Ryan of Rutgers:Its called education should we not teach american students about other countries histories either. This is ignorant

Donna M Scala:Let the American Milirary into Mexico, wipe out the Narco Terrorists and give the country back yo the people. Joint Mexican-American sweep through the country. Arm the regular people. Let them fight back for their land. Close the Border!

Douglas Mac:How about Scottish American history? I feel discriminated against..I'm suing..I want money..but since I feel that Mexican students are the cause..I'm suing Mexico for repressing me and other Scottish Americans. Unless Mexico starts promoting kilts and haggis.

Billy Argo of Pearland, Texas:No, because of the drop out rate of the students, I think they should stick to the basics. If the student wants to learn American-Mexican heritage then the parents or the student needs to follow thru with it on there own. My grandmother from Australia but not once has there been any class to teach me of my Australian heritage. Stickto the basics, want to know more go to library with your family.

Tracey Chambers of Lebanon, Illinois:It's a ridiculous law. Banning "certain ethnic studies". Who gets to choose which ethnic groups get covered and which get the boot?Let me guess, the same bigots in AZ that want all the brown folks out. There is nothing wrong with kids learning about other cultures. FFS. This country is backwards.

Steve Jemilo:Our school have a hard enough time teaching reading, writing, and arithmatic. They are graduating kids that can't perform basic skills, can't read or fill out job applications. Why don't they focus on the basics, and if scores and aptitude improve, then maybe they could start teaching alternative or secondary subjects.

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