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Weiner TV Ad Says ‘Powerful Voices’ Are Against Campaign, Two-Thirds of New Yorkers Say It Embarrasses Them (Video)

In his first television ad for his mayoral campaign, Anthony Weiner claims “powerful voices” have been against his campaign from the start. A new poll from Sienna College, however, found that 62 percent of New York City voters find Weiner’s campaign – and Eliot Spitzer’s campaign for city controller – embarrassing.

The Sienna poll found 80 percent of New Yorker’s disapprove of Weiner.

"Look, powerful voices have made it clear from the very beginning that they didn't want me to win,” Weiner says in the ad. “But this isn't about what they want. They've gotten their way for far too long. If you give me the chance, I will fight for you and your family every single day."

The recent discovery of a second sexting scandal – one that occurred since Weiner’s resignation as a Representative two years ago – had a strong impact on his campaign funding, the Daily News reported.

The 30-second spot is meant to make the most of what money he has left, about $6 million.

Originally a frontrunner, Weiner is now the fourth place contender for the democratic nomination for mayor.

Sources: ABC New, NY Daily News, Politico


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