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Weiner Aide Barbara Morgan Lambastes Ex-Intern Olivia Nuzzi In Profanity-Laced Tirade, Apologizes

In one of the more memorable rants in recent political history, a top aide to sexting-scandal-plagued New York mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, unleashed a potty-mouthed tirade against a former intern who had published a tell-all article about Weiner’s dysfunctional campaign.

Speaking to the blog "Talking Points Memo," in a conversation she now claims was intended to be off-the-record, Weiner’s Communcations Director Barbara Morgan described ex-campaign intern Olivia Nuzzi as a “slutbag,” and a “twat,” also employing an even-less-polite term for the female anatomy in her characterization of her erstwhile underling. Morgan also asserted that Nuzzi “sucked” at her job. Morgan said she had attempted to fire Nuzzi but was persuaded to give the intern a “second chance” when Nuzzi “begged” her.

Weiner resigned his congressional seat after admitting in 2011 that he sent sexually explicit pictures of himself to women he met online. His mayoral campaign took a major hit when it was revealed recently that he continued to send digital photographs of his penis to young women online even after his resignation when he told the public he had stopped.

The source of Morgan’s ire was a New York Daily News article under Nuzzi’s byline in which Nuzzi claimed that Weiner would refer to female interns incorrectly as “Monica” while paying staffers considerabley less than the salaries they had been promised. The article was accompanied by a photograph of the blonde, pouty-lipped Nuzzi, which prompted Morgan to sneer, “Nice f---ing glamor shot ... see if you ever get a job in this town again.”

On Tuesday evening, Morgan issued a statement apologizing for her “inappropriate language” and saying that she had telephoned Nuzzi to apologize. Morgan also said in the statement that she had believed her conversation with Talking Points Memo, whose reporter called Morgan to ask about an unrelated subject, was off the record.

Sources: TPM, Mediaite, NY Daily News


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