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Trump Under Fire For Not Wearing American Flag Pin

President Donald Trump is catching some flack on Twitter for showing up to his own inauguration without the American Flag pin on his suit jacket.

The accessory was popularized by former President Richard Nixon, the Los Angeles Daily News reported. Every president has worn the American flag pin on the left lapel of their suit jacket since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, but Trump appeared to be missing his at his own inauguration.

While some people speculated that the pin might have been covered up by his overcoat, others were not so convinced.

"Am I missing something? Where is Trump's flag lapel pin? #Inauguration #InaugurationDay," wrote one Twitter user.

"But umm excuse me where is the American flag pin that every president should have?? #Inauguration," wrote another.

"Can't believe I haven't seen a tweet or Facebook meme about Trump not wearing a flag lapel pin," another Twitter user speculated.

Other social media users called out the hypocrisy of Trump saying that America was "first" from now on.

"Just saying: Where was Trump's flag pin during his speech? I thought America first," wrote another Twitter user.

"Great observation...why isn't [Trump] wearing a American flag pin?" asked another Twitter user. "Maybe bc he doesn't have an allegiance to the USA? #Inauguration."

Sources: Los Angeles Daily News, #Inauguration/Twitter / Photo credit: kay-mor/Twitter

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