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'We Would be Heroes' for Shutting Down U.S. Govt, Says Rep. Jim Bridenstine (Audio)

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., recently appeared on the Family Research Council's radio show where he told host Tony Perkins that most Americans would see the Republicans in Congress as “heroes” if they shut down the federal government by filibustering the Continuing Resolution to stop Obamacare funding.

However, a recent poll showed only 34 percent of Americans want Obamacare overturned, reported Another poll said that 29 percent of Americans support shutting down the federal government, notes The Daily Caller.

"There are Republicans that are nervous that this could be a losing issue for us, if we defund Obamacare and the CR [Continuing Resolution]," Bridenstine said, noted (audio below). "I would testify that this is absolutely not the case. We would be heroes, you know somebody was showing me polling about government shutdown this and government shutdown that, we don’t want to shut down the government, we want to fund the government, we just want to have a limitation amendment that defunds Obamacare."

Bridenstine added that Republicans were "reluctantly" willing to fund the U.S. government, except for Obamacare, which would provide health coverage to 20 million people who are currently uninsured.

“Look, we’re willing to reluctantly fund all of the rest of the government. All we’re asking for is this one item," Bridenstine said.

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