We Shouldn't Pay Taxes When Government is Shut Down, Says Jesse Ventura (Video)


Former Minnesota governor, professional wrestler and Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura told Piers Morgan on Tuesday that because the federal government is shut down, Americans shouldn't have to pay taxes.

“Since the government shut down, that should mean we shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, right?” asked Ventura, noted InfoWars.com (video below).

"Even though they're not working, we're still going to be paying. I think it’s time for a revolt in this country. I’ve been advocating a revolution for years now. Revolutions don’t have to be violent, but we need one, and I would tell everyone here, vote them all out of office and don’t vote in a new Democrat or Republican, vote for anyone, but Democrats and Republicans,” added Ventura.

Ventura later suggested that he might run for president in 2016, which he previously mentioned to The Daily Caller.

“A couple of things need to happen first. My simple campaign would be this: I would give you the opportunity to elect the first president of the United States that does not belong to any political party since George Washington," said Ventura.

When he was asked about health care, Ventura replied, “If we get out of all these damn wars, we’d have more money to pay for healthcare than we could shake a stick at.”

After his appearance, Ventura told a TMZ cameraman that he was going to take a broadcasting job in Mexico called "Internet Free America" (video below).

“I have to broadcast from Mexico to tell the truth to America. No one will hire me [in America]," said Ventura.

Sources: TMZ, InfoWars.com, The Daily Caller


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