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Barron Trump's School Route Stokes Traffic Concerns

Some New Yorkers are concerned about President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's decision to send their son, Barron Trump, to school via private motorcade. 

Us Weekly reports that 10-year-old Barron will return to school on Jan. 25 via private motorcade operated by the Secret Service.  Barron will be escorted to and from school by Melania, who has vowed to keep him enrolled in the prestigious Upper West Side preparatory school until the end of the school year, so as not to upend the boy's life too greatly. 

However some New Yorkers have expressed concern over the traffic jam that is likely to ensue, given Manhattan's already notoriously slow early morning gridlock. 

In a bid to reduce traffic congestion, the Secret Service, in conjunction with the NYPD, will enforce a rolling blockade of streets, first closing and then reopening them as soon as the car Melania and Barron are in passes.  This option has been selected over the alternative, which would be to barricade the entire route all at once -- a process that would likely lead to massive lane closures and a buildup of traffic throughout the entire Upper West Side.  

In addition, the route Melania and her young son will take is set to change regularly, for security purposes.  

It remains to be seen if New Yorkers will suffer from the effects of the motorcade; it could very well be that nobody will even notice. 

Sources: Us Weekly, TMZ / Photo credit: Steemit

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