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We need to cut military spending

We spend more on the military than every other nation combined. Yes, every other nation, and that includes such allies as the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Germany and members of NATO. Total military spending, which is all spending and not just that on the official military budget, includes supplemental war budgets, nuclear weapon research in the Energy Department, Veterans Affairs programs, interest on the debt from military spending plus other spending (both secret and non-secret). It is by some estimates, $1 trillion dollars. That is a trillion, with a "T". From 1999-2009, military spending increased at a rate of 10% per year. That is of course, at a rate much higher than inflation.

We spend at least 70% more on the regular military budget, than when we did during the Cold War to oppose the Soviet Union. Why do we need multi-billion dollar nuclear armed subs while facing men with AK-47s in the mountains of Afghanistan? Why do we have $2 billion dollar stealth fighters to fight terrorists who don't even have have the means to track our aircraft with radar?

 Again, because those stealth fighters bring a lot in contributions from those contractors. If not for the power of these basically legal bribes, our military budget would be in fact, hundreds of billions of dollars less, and we would not be any less safe. China is not going to invade us, indeed their form of warfare against us is making us dependent on cheap goods through Walmart and other stores, and they are doing a good job of it. They are destroying our industrial base but we continue to produce aircraft carriers to protect us from men with hand grenades. In some quarters it is still considered unpatriotic to point these things out, because while members of the military are cougerous in their duties, we have no such obligation to military contractors.


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