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We Don't Need to Bring Down Obama; He's Doing a Fine Job on His Own

As a conservative, I get a lot of requests (as I’m sure you do) for joining the movement to “take back America,” whether it’s protesting or becoming a fan on Facebook pages. I generally do not participate — though I do attend conferences, such as CPAC this week — because I don’t feel the need to try and bring down the president or his policies. Why should I? He’s doing a great job all by himself.

Obama is completely removed from the concerns of Americans. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s an arrogance there that is unlike the kind of basic arrogance one might find (and should find) in any president. It’s not a confidence type of arrogance, it’s a general sort of cluelessness — not just about what’s best for America but what it is most Americans want.

The evidence of a backlash is all around him, yet Obama remains unfazed.

“He doesn’t seem a man at sea who’s flailing and trying to grab any deck chair that floats by. He seems a man who is certain he is right,” writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal.

Indeed, Obama truly, honestly believes his leftist philosophy is superior to the philosophy of most Americans, which is clearly right of center. It’s like he doesn’t care that he’s there to represent us; he thinks he’s there to change the world according to Barack Obama.

“The president equates becoming more centrist with becoming more like George W. Bush and apparently sees movement to the center as a political loser.”

Well, it’s a loss for him to be sure. But it’s a gain for the takeover.


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