Do Liberals Live By Their Own Principles? Reporter Asks Residents Of Liberal City About Illegal Immigrant Minors, Gets Unexpected Response (Video)


Reporter Dan Joseph of CNS News took to the streets of liberal-leaning Old Town Alexandria, Virginia to ask if people would be willing to bring illegal immigrant minors to the neighborhood – their responses are surprising.

Joseph initially had trouble getting anyone to sign the petition, though liberals are known for their open-mindedness. In Joseph’s video, he makes a point that those who lean left aren’t always as compassionate as their policies.

When Joseph finally finds a number of people to sign his first petition, he then presents a second petition asking them to house an illegal immigrant minor. Although there were plenty of entertaining exchanges, not one person offered up their home.

When Joseph asks one man to house an illegal immigrant, the man replies that he lives with his mother.

“With mom?” Joseph says. “Well, she can help take care of them!”

In response to the video, Hannah Bleau of wrote that liberals are some of the most compassionate people on earth – that is, until it concerns their own possessions.

“Their ideas always end up costing everyone but them,” Bleau wrote.

Since it was uploaded on Wednesday, the video has accumulated over 100,000 views.

Sources: LJReview, Passion Wind


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