Watch U.S. Airstrike Wipe Out Building Filled With Islamic State Fighters (Video)

Central Command released a new video on Thursday showing a U.S. airstrike in Iraq that targeted a building full of Islamic State (ISIS) militants and a technical vehicle.

The airstrike occurred on August 28 and wiped out everyone and everything in an area near the Mosul Dam, MadWorldNews.com notes.

The strikes destroyed an Islamic State Humvee, a tank, four armed vehicles, an IS construction vehicle and a checkpoint was severely damaged.

U.S. forces conducted five airstrikes under authority to support Iraqi security force and Kurdish defense force operations. The strikes also protected U.S. personnel, critical infrastructure and facilities, as well as support humanitarian efforts, according to a U.S. Department of Defense news release.

The U.S. Central Command has conducted a total of 106 airstrikes across Iraq since August 8.

CNN puts the number of airstrikes against Islamic State targets in the last several weeks at 131, adding that the U.S. has sent military advisers to Iraq to help with strategies to fight IS.

Sources: MadWorldNews.comU.S. Department of Defense, CNN via WMTW


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