Watch Israel Defense Forces’ Tactic To Prevent Harming Palestinian Civilians (Video)

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A new video shows Israel’s controversial “knock on roof” policy which warns civilians of airstrikes and provides some time to escape.

The technique involves a smaller projectile striking the roof of a building to let anybody nearby know to evacuate as a bigger strike is imminent.

In the video posted to YouTube on Wednesday by Gaza-based Watania news agency, viewers can see the first “knock” hit the top of a house. It is edited at the 0:25 mark, jumping about 20 minutes to show viewers a rocket launch onto the building, causing a big explosion. The actual missile can be seen in mid-air before it destroys the building.

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“There is no standard gap between the delivery of the ‘dummy’ missile and fully armed missiles,” according to CNN, citing retired Israel Defense Forces (IDF) brigadier general Relik Shafir. “It can be minutes or even hours. It depends on how important the target is. But there are hundreds or even thousands of such places in Gaza, chosen by Hamas precisely because they complicate targeting.”

Hamas urges civilians to stay in the area to use them as human shields against airstrikes on buildings operated by the terrorist group to store rockets and weapons.

On the other hand, Israel sends out texts or phone calls to encourage people inside to get out, the New York Daily News reports.

However, a Palestinian family of eight came back home too soon and were killed last week in the Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis by an explosive missile that had yet to hit their house, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

Watch the video below:


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