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Gov Waste: Cities Must Replace All-Caps Street Signs

With virtually every city in the U.S. facing budget problems, many of them must now have to spend millions of dollars to replace perfectly good street signs because they don't meet new federal guidelines.

Many cities have street signs with names all in capital letters, like this sign:

Image placeholder title

However, the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices from the Federal Highway Administration says signs must be upper and lower case so they are easier to read, like these:

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In addition, the size of the letters must be increased to six inches from the current four inches on roads with speed limits over 25 miles an hour. Cities have until 2012 to put up the new signs.

Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez said it's all about safety. "If you can't read it, you can't see it or you can't comprehend it, it could be a distraction to you. You could be in an accident, negative consequences could occur."


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