Washington State Lawmaker Tells Armed Pro-Gun Crowd To Disobey Law


Voters in Washington State approved I-594 by a 60% margin in November 2014.

I-594 requires that every gun sale include a background check of the buyer, except for antique guns and sales within immediate families.

The law went into effect on Jan. 15, which brought an armed protest to the Washington Capitol in Olympia. About 200 pro-gun supporters reportedly carried long guns, handguns and assault rifles; some even wore gas masks.

State Rep. Matt Shea (R) urged Washington State residents and law enforcement to disobey the new law.

“We will not comply," said Shea, noted SeattlePI.com. "We will ask our sheriffs and prosecutors not to comply as well."

"Tyranny is not an option," added Shea, reported the Associated Press. "The right to bear arms is unalienable. It can't be taken away by a majority vote. It can't be taken away by the Legislature. It can't be taken away by the Supreme Court. God gave us that."

The SeattleWeekly.com reported last year that Shea went to Nevada to support anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy and spouted a conspiracy theory that the U.S. government in planning to imprison Americans on military bases.

About a dozen armed pro-gun activists marched into the Capitol's House Gallery, noted the Northwest News Network.

SeattlePI.com reports that Washington State Sen. Pam Roach (R) told the pro-gun activists on the Capitol steps, “We have at least six and maybe 10 bills to address problems” with Initiative 594.

National Rifle Association (NRA) lobbyist Brian Judy also spoke at the rally, “Good morning, gun lobby! Ladies and gentlemen, you ARE the gun lobby.”

“It wasn’t government that struck our rights, it was voters in the state of Washington,” added Judy. “What it’s really about is a government list of law-abiding gun owners.”

The NRA takes in millions of dollars from gun manufacturers, noted Business Insider in 2013.

“Initiative 594 is just the tip of the iceberg with the people who want to control and confiscate your guns,” added Washington State Rep. Liz Pike.

However, Pike did not explain or offer evidence how 60% of Washington State residents were plotting to confiscate all guns.

Sources: SeattlePI.com, Associated Press, SeattleWeekly.com, Business Insider, Northwest News Network
Image Credit: Thestevo


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