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Democrats Considering Candidates For 2020

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Although the 2016 presidential election just ended, the Democratic Party is looking at who could be its nominee for 2020 and one strategist said there's nowhere to look but the Senate.

“We don’t have very many governors left, honestly,” said Mike Lux, a Democratic strategist who served in President Bill Clinton’s White House and on President Barack Obama’s transition team, reported The Hill.

“[Democratic Sen.] Elizabeth Warren [of Massachusetts] would be at the top of my list. I think she would be a great candidate,” Lux said.

Lux also said Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio would be a “great candidate.”

Other possibilities include Sens. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Kamala Harris of California and Tim Kaine of Virginia, who was the party's vice presidential nominee during Hillary Clinton's second failed bid for the White House.

But looking at 2020 right now might be premature for the Democrats, who not only lost the presidency, but got “walloped” at the state level, according to The Atlantic, which described the party's losses on Nov. 8 as a “bloodbath.”

Thirty-four Senate seats were up for grabs, reported The Guardian, including 24 Republican-held seats that featured several closely contested races. The Democrats needed to a net win of four Senate seats to take over the chamber, but failed to do so.

Republicans also dominate the House of Representatives with 247 seats versus the Democrats' 187.

Jessica Post, the executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which tries to help the party win state elections, told The Atlantic that recent losses have been a “wake-up call.”

“We have to invest in campaign infrastructure,” she said.

Sources: The Hill, The Atlantic, U.S. House of Representatives, The Guardian / Photo credit: AFGE/Flickr

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